CH 309 - Phys. Chem. module on Intermolecular Forces and Non-Ideality

Core module for third year chemistry students.

CH 519 - Surface Analysis and X-ray Techniques

Final year Semester II module

Required for:
CH 554 MChem Forensic and Analytical Chemistry
CH 417 BSc Honours Chemistry with Analytical Chemistry
CH 414 BSc Honours Forensic Chemistry


Analysis of surfaces is important in studies of catalysis, corrosion, adhesion, biomaterials and electronic fabrication.


To impart knowledge of the fundamental principles of techniques which use electron probes to examine topography or atomic and molecular structure of surfaces;

To develop understanding of the chemical information that can be obtained with different techniques;

To provide an introduction to the phenomena which result from the interaction of X-rays with matter;

To develop awareness of the instrumental and sample-related features of X-ray fluorescence analysis

CH 578 - Molecular Interactions for Bionanotechnology

Understanding the computational study and corresponding experimental measurements of single biomolecules.